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The Euromed International Trade, is a network managed by Euromed Group Srl, present in reality in the commercial landscape for several years and has its roots in the many years of experience of its founding members and its management, able to support partners in internationalization activities, finance projects facilitated and training.

The  mission of the Euromed International Trade it is to facilitate, develop and promote the economic and trade relations of Italian with foreign countries – with particular attention to needs of small and medium – sized enterprises, of their consortia and groupings – and work to develop the internationalization of Italian firms and the marketing of Italian goods and service  in international market.

Through its office and network in the world, the Euromed International Trade does activity of information, assistance, promotion to companies and istitutions, formation to firms and young graduates and promotes cooperation in the industrial, agricultural and agro-food ,distribution and service industry. The Euromed International Trade operates abroad through its correspondets, togethern with business organizations and othe public and private stakeholders, ensuring coordinated support to business and national networks that engage in the internationalization process with the aim of promoting activities of its consortium members worldwide.

Since 2017, the Euromed International Trade has joined ANIMA Investment Network is a multi-country cooperation platform for economic development in the Mediterranean. The ANIMA network gathers national and regional investment promotion agencies, international organisations, business federations, innovation clusters, financial investors and research institutes from the region. ANIMA’s objective is to contribute to the continued improvement of the Mediterranean business climate, as well as encourage a shared and sustainable economic development for the region.

In performing its activities, the Euromed International Trade works closely with the regions, chambers of commerce, industry, trade and agriculture, business organizations and other public and private stakeholders, without excluding the relations with the Italian embassies to ‘foreign countries and those of foreign countries in Italy.

In this regard, it has developed a partnership for several years with ASCAME – Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry based in Barcelona (Spain), actively participating in its initiatives and in particular collaborating in the dissemination of the Medaweek – Economic Trade Forum.

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