European call

The Euromed International Trade aims to support its associates and customers to seize opportunities for growth and development offered by Community funds, and in general to inform, educate and sensitize on the role of the European Union, its strategies and its policies, its impact in relation to national and local systems in which concretely and daily operating.

Programmes and European financial instruments represent an excellent growth opportunity for all who wish to develop their business, launch new strategic partnerships, new business relationships, create development networks and the culture and knowledge sharing.

The services offered by Consorzio Euromed, ranging from strategic consulting to define the client’s position in relation to the objectives of the financing policy, the inclusion in partnership being set up; from feasibility studies to design ideas, assistance in preparing the necessary documentation for submission of the proposal, at the service of management, reporting and certification of project costs.

Loans to small businesses supported by the EU

Entrepreneurs and companies can benefit through local financial intermediaries, the support offered by a wide range of EU programs. The web portal “loans” to help raise funds for EU projects, in the form of loans, guarantees, equity, etc.

Main funding programs

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