Franchising development

Euromed International Trade offers a complete range of consultancy services, providing solutions to its customers who want to expand their business through the franchising formula, and to already operating franchisors who intend to increase their commercial network.

The franchise development of its business today represents the most strategically valid and convenient tool, the most suitable solution with limited initial investments and reduced business risks. Currently in Italy about 900 brands operate under the franchise formula, in Europe one in four sales outlets is a franchise and in the USA one in two with a positive development trend despite a general market situation that is not brilliant.

The number of companies that use this distribution method, compared to the number of traditional operators, especially when compared with foreign companies such as the American and French ones, today in Italy is still limited.
The wide margins of growth potentially concern many sectors, those where a repeatable commercial formula is conceivable and where the guarantee of supply of a constant service is an important element for competition.

The advice offered by Euromed International Trade is divided into several phases:

  • accurate analysis of the “business idea” and the operational program (strengths and weaknesses)
  • coding of know-how, evaluation of transferability to the affiliate
  • verification of trademark registration and assistance in choosing the most suitable tax jurisdiction
  • development of the “business plan” (the characteristic franchisee and the franchisor)
  • study / design of supporting documentation
  • contractual assistance (evaluation of the most appropriate contractual formula: franchising, trademark license, etc.)
  • collaboration in the implementation of the program and in the organizational growth of the franchisor
  • definition of communication strategies for the “cultivation” of the image of the franchising chain
  • search and selection of affiliates.
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