Euromed International Trade offers network companies and their customers, committed and eager to enter international markets, a complete offer of integrated services, from the identification of the areas and foreign markets in which to operate, to the definition of entry strategies , to the involvement of the entire company organization in carrying out operational activities related to internationalization.

The model developed by Euromed International Trade starts from the awareness that in the highly competitive environment of the current economy, characterized by the free movement of goods, services, capital and resources on a global level, the internationalization of the company is no longer identified with the only export activity.

Collaboration with companies from other countries, opening of commercial or production branches, franchising in foreign markets, agreements for the exploitation of patents, trademarks or intellectual property rights, agreements for the exchange of technology versus products, agreements for logistics offers, search for production partners are only some of the activities that companies have available to deal with international markets.

The current national economic scenario requires companies to evaluate the business opportunities offered by foreign markets. Although such a commercial strategy can represent an important opportunity for growth, the internationalization of Italian companies requires a strong commitment from internal resources to get to know the new target markets in depth.

Professionalism, competence, constant updating on the evolution of the markets, international presence make Euromed International Trade an ideal partner to accompany the entire internationalization process of the company.

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