Malta Business project

What is Malta Business

Malta Business is one of the leading Italian-Maltese networks supporting internationalisation in Commonwealth countries.

In particular, the network of professionals, based in Malta, is able to assist clients in the creation, development and organisation of their business in Malta and beyond.

In an internationalisation project, fiscal, contractual and commercial policy cannot be missing and the Mediterranean island represents, in the international panorama, an excellent solution.

Why choose Malta

Because today it represents, in the European and Mediterranean scenario, the best commercial hub that suits the needs of Italian SMEs.

Crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The island state, which joined the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in 2008, has acquired an important role as a bridge between the European Single Market and the markets of the Mediterranean and Commonwealth countries.

Malta and the Commonwealth

The state is part of the Commonwealth, the association of the 53 former British colonies, now sovereign states, which have maintained a close economic and cultural relationship: between the post-Brexit UK Empire project, the North African communities and the dream of the United States of Europe.

Euromed Group, an integral part of the Malta Business project, can accompany your company to expand into English-speaking markets, offering numerous services.

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