Franchising Network Development

Franchising format creation

The franchising format is the basic element an entrepreneur needs to be able to implement his or her business successfully. The creation of a good franchise format is essential to make the business unique and differentiating on the market.

The brand is not the only thing the franchise format business revolves around.

From the initial idea through to the identification of operational procedures, we support you in creating a business system that fits your franchising idea.

Format Franchising

Network strategies

Strategia Franchising

We design offline and online communication strategies to recruit franchisees and search for master franchisees, providing technical and commercial support to present your format to investors and investment funds.

Recruiting franchisees is one of the first challenges a franchisor faces and implementing a multi-channel franchisee search plan is crucial to expand in your country and abroad.

Feasibility studies

Starting a network of franchisees allows you to achieve attractive financial results through the use of financial levers. It is therefore necessary to carefully plan the expected return from each franchisee and franchisor through a proper business plan.

From the creation of the brand, to the communication costs, to the costs needed to implement products and equipment, making a business plan will allow your project to get off on the right foot.

project manager Euromed Group

Expanding overseas

Franchising Estero

Internationalising one’s franchising network abroad presents quite different, and more significant, peculiarities and risks than those of a domestic franchise network, and therefore requires adequate planning.

We will help you assess the main factors to be considered in the feasibility study to develop your own franchise network abroad, taking into account the following key factors:

  • market analysis of target country
  • changes to the franchise concept
  • logistical aspects
  • legal aspects
  • tax aspects.

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