Software Development

E-commerce platforms

Providing oneself with an e-commerce software platform makes it possible to speed up the process of validating one’s commercial offer in new countries or new areas of the world.

This is the reason why it becomes important, when choosing a software to build an e-commerce project, to assess very well what the characteristics of the platform you are going to adopt are, from this point of view.

From the planning of the strategy to the development of the e-commerce, we offer you high-level, comprehensive and continuous consultancy, including the operational development of the platform and the management of marketing and sales processes for your products and services.

e-commerce Euromed Group

Web Site to internationalise

Sito web Euromed Group

One of the most important activities for exporting is to communicate correctly; among the communication tools available to the company is certainly the company website.

We are not referring to an e-commerce portal, but to a website necessary to support international activity.

We can structure integrated information projects to support the internationalisation of your business.

Software development and CRM

Managing your customer relationships by promoting products in parallel and developing new business relationships on behalf of your customers is a key activity in internationalisation processes.

The Customer Relationship Management software solution, developed by us specifically for managing the sales process and marketing activities, is able to offer precise and effective answers in this area.

Based on open source code, easily scalable and customisable, it guarantees multilingual operations and continuity of contact with customers, leads, agents, and partners, as well as managing all purchasing and sales processes.

CRM Euromed Group

APP development

Sviluppo APP Euromed Group

Smartphones and tablets are now the primary means of connecting to the Internet. If we enjoy online content, we do so mainly in their mobile version. This is why Euromed Group helps companies that recognise the importance of having an adequate presence in the mobile world through a series of customised usability and marketing strategies and tools.

Whatever your internationalisation project is, it could be useful to implement it with a smartphone application for customers, suppliers, affiliates, partners.

And if your internationalisation project is technological, then Euromed Group has the technical skills to support it at 360 degrees and develop the software most suited to your needs.

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